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Giving to Communities

The Jack Jonah Foundation supports drug prevention efforts both locally and nationally. Some of the entities that are benefitted by the foundation are hospitals, rehab programs, etc. 

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We can't thank you all enough for your contributions to the Jack Jonah Foundation. With your support, we were able to pass forward $12,500 to the Behavioral Health Department at Mercy Health to aid in their rehabilitation programs. A true accomplishment made possible by the loving members of our JJ community!

McKinsey agrees to pay $573M for role in opioid crisis

Kirk Jonah, the founder of the Jack Jonah Foundation, was a featured contributor on Fox and Friends on a segment related to a landmark settlement regarding the use of opioids as medication and the effects of addiction associated with it.

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"An upwards of 11 million Americans have reported misusing prescription narcotics within the past year."

-Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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Voices from the Fallen

Local author Mike Tourville recently released a book containing nine true stories of addiction, particularly heroin, all people from Western MA- one of them, including Jack. They are deeply personal accounts, told from the first-person point of view, about how each person had fallen into the depths of their addiction. Told from their voice, “Voices from the Fallen” shares the lives of people who faced adversity.

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