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The Jack Jonah Film

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JACK JONAH is a feature film based on a true story about a family’s endurance and struggles after an unspeakable tragedy. Actor Dean Cain leads the cast in this multi-plot drama uncovering the deadly drug culture among the youth. Jack Jonah was an extraordinary young adult with real dreams of a bright future.  On April 6, 2016, that ended, and he quickly became a statistic. Now, his story is inspiring and educating many on this national epidemic. 


By viewing and sharing this film, you will join this project to challenge young adults in your community and communities around our country to be courageous in speaking out against drug use.  


This is bigger than a film about Jack’s life; it’s about his voice being echoed throughout this film to save lives.

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“We have an opioid epidemic around the world, but predominantly here in America, predominantly in… small towns”

-Jamie Lee Curtis

Behind the Scenes

The Jack Jonah Movie Filmed in mid-August of 2019 


All scenes were filmed locally and supporting actors were chosen from the area. Over 400 community members and volunteers from Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut participated in the production of the film over a two-week period.

Cast  and Crew

Opening Night

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The Jack Jonah Film World Premiere Took Place Friday Nov. 8 and Saturday, Nov. 9 welcoming over 1,500 people in attendance

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