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The inspiration behind the foundation is Jack Jonah. A young man whose life was full of promise. He died of an accidental opioid overdose at age 19.

About Jack

Jack deeply loved animals and volunteered at the Dakin Humane Society and worked as a Medical Technician at Boston Road Animal Hospital. He enjoyed cooking for his family and hiking with his sister Karlye and brother Dan. One of his favorite places on earth was Ashley Reservoir. 
When he left us, Jack was studying biology and art at Holyoke Community College. 

Jonah family.jpg
The Jonah Family 

Jack is much more than a statistic. He had many interests and talents which gave his life depth and fulfillment. He was a gifted artist and play writer. When Jack was in in HS, he and several other local students wrote the play “LABELS” while attending The Drama Studio in Springfield, MA. It received high acclaim from other local writers. Jack also loved playing the guitar and piano.

Jack's life, though unbearably short, continues to be an inspiration to all who knew him.  The Jack Jonah Foundation seeks to use Jack's life and indomitable spirit to educate youth and parents alike about the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.  


If we can save even one life in our efforts, then Jack's memory will live forever.  We hope you will join us in our mission and spread the word about our foundation so that we may continue in our efforts. 

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