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HONOR those who have passed as well as their loved ones.


Continue to EDUCATE our young adults and our communities in regards to the opioid crisis.


SUPPORT those who are fighting addiction, everyday.

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"Making Courage Contagious"

Actor Dean Cain speaking on behalf of The Jack Jonah Foundation

Actor Dean Cain, co-star of the Jack Jonah Film, appeared on Fox News recently to share this important messaging and core themes of the movie.

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Working Within the Community

The Jack Jonah Foundation is dedicated to the memory of the late Jack Jonah. We work tirelessly to help individuals and families directly impacted by drugs, with the goal of educating the community so tragedies such as Jack's passing will never happen again.

Learn about Jack's story here.

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Local Resources & Support

Our community strives to educate our youth and to nurture them into independent adults who make sound decisions. Organizations like the West Springfield CARE Coalition among others provide resources to parents and youth free of charge and judgement.

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